Installing High Quality Interior Doors With Integra Patented Frames

Invented by an enterprising Californian couple, Integra Pinnacle Framing has become one of the leading providers of interior doors and accessories. With its innovative system of interior door hardware, Integra Pinnacle Framing creates an artistic masterpiece on every door or cabinet that is installed. These innovative frames allow for a flush wall that has the same look of a solid wood frame. Installing any standard sized interior doors and drawers will give you a uniform interior look throughout your home.

The interior doors and cabinets do not have to be heavy. There are many options for utilizing this new technology including single and double hung units as well as the all in one folding frame. All of these frame types can be purchased at your local store or online at affordable cost savings. The company takes pride in the craftsmanship of each frame that they create. All of their products are created from the finest wood available, ensuring that the finished product is one of quality and beauty.

With the flush wall door hardware that is available from Integra, your interior doors and cabinets can have a beautiful look that will add value to your home. If you are interested in purchasing any of the beautiful frames that are offered by this company, it is important to know exactly how they work. The interior doors and cabinets come with a single or double-hung frame, depending on what type of hardware you would like. Once you determine the type of interior door hardware that you would like to use, you will need to consider the size and shape of the opening as well as where the frame will sit. The Integra patent does allow for some customization, so you may be able to choose the type of hinges, locks, and other hardware to suit your style.

With the patent granted on each frame, it means that you are guaranteed a quality product that will last for a long period of time. You can install an interior door and cabinet system to ensure that you get the best performance from your investment. If you are considering changing out the interior door hardware at any time, you will not have to worry about your frame becoming damaged. Each frame comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers replacement, repair, and material damage.

Choosing the right frames is important if you want your interior doors and cabinets to perform as well as possible. There are many styles available to fit the design that you have already chosen. Some frames come equipped with a dimple pattern that offers a modern appearance. There are also frames that have a rectangular appearance that offer elegance and class. You can easily choose the frame that fits the design that you want. All that you need to do is measure the area where the door will be installed and select the frame that will best meet the dimensions.

By choosing the right frame, you will be able to create a custom interior door. Integra patented frames come in a wide variety of styles that will complement the rest of the interior design that you have chosen. Your interior doors should always look clean, neat, and professional. By upgrading the interior doors that you have installed, you can improve the overall appearance of the entire room. There are several types of Integra door hardware that you can choose from including knobs, handles, pulls, and latches.

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